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SELL: Easy laser cutting wide format printing
New launched vision laser cutting system for cutting wide format sublimation printed pattern! UL-VD320150...
Shanghai Shanghai China
Date added: 20 Dec 2019 Date ends: 19 Dec 2020
SELL: Laser marking machine for laser-cut ventilation holes
Glad to show you our precision laser marking machine, which is perfect for cutting out the tiny laser-cut...
Shanghai Shanghai 中国
Date added: 26 Dec 2019 Date ends: 25 Dec 2020
SELL: Laser marking machine with high precision and efficiency
stem to full fit most marking job demand. Unikonex specialized CO2 laser marking system with high precision...
Date added: 26 Dec 2019 Date ends: 25 Dec 2020
SELL: Laser-cutting vinyl machine
Do you know what’s the most modern machine for vinyl cutting? Fast, permanent, and precise vinyl laser...
Shanghai China
Date added: 15 Oct 2020 Date ends: 13 Jan 2021
SELL: Phone laser engraving, laser marking on phone shell
Now more and more people value the personalized and customized characteristics, which means they want...
Date added: 11 May 2020 Date ends: 11 May 2021
SELL: Unikonex laser cut sublimation printing textile and fabric
For fighting with COVID-19, laser cutting machines also were applied in N95 face masks production for...
Date added: 21 Apr 2020 Date ends: 21 Apr 2021
SELL: Unikonex laser perforation and heat transfer vinyl laser cutting
Unikonex laser perforation system are contactless to cut ventilation holes in sports jerseys by precision...
Shanghai Shanghai China
Date added: 27 Mar 2020 Date ends: 27 Mar 2021
SELL: Unikonex speedy laser cutter in heat transfer vinyl
Heat transfer vinyl is used in T-shirts, apparel, bags or shoes as decorations. Creating stunning and...
Shanghai Shanghai China
Date added: 10 Mar 2020 Date ends: 10 Mar 2021
SELL: Unikonex UV laser marking in masks, glass, adapter, plastic
Ultraviolet (UV) laser offers an ultra-finely laser marking on me tal and non-me tal material...
Date added: 28 Apr 2020 Date ends: 28 Apr 2021
SELL: Vinyl laser marking, laser cutting vinyl by Unikonex
As CO2 laser marking is non-contact processing for vinyl laser cutting, all kinds of patterns like logos,...
Date added: 31 Dec 2019 Date ends: 30 Dec 2020

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