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SELL: EZ-Lock DRM Transparent Encryption Software #824
Posted by: luolu
Address: Jhongjheng Road
City: Taipei
State: Taipei
Postal code: 242
Country: Taiwan

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Do you worry secret and vital data stored in your computer may be illegally transferred or stolen to your competitors? Do you worry vital data may be stolen if hacker controls your computer? The software can prevent confidential data from illegally moved or copied. For example: primary design blueprint, technical data, customersí data etc. All edited files in the computer will be religiously protected in encrypted environment. Customers canít even know the files have been encrypted. It prevents files from being stolen by hacker or some Trojan programs. It provides integrated protection solutions. You donít need to change any using habits. It adopts Client/Server architecture and flexible strategy for administrators to manage your computers at centralized mode.

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