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SELL: Graphite Sheet & Gasket Materials #790
Posted by: Karen Yang
State: HEBEI
Postal code: 065900
Country: CHINA

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High-Strength Graphite me||x||tal Compound Gasket Gasket Sheet, Jointing Asbestos sheet, reinforced Beater non asbestos sheets, graphite sheet,reinforced graphite sheet,gasket materials,gasket sheet, joint gaskets,synthetic packing, asbestos packing, Scope of application: z88;z88;It is applicable for all kinds of corrosive chemicals, including strong corrosive liquids (such as liquid strong alkali, hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid), organic solvent and liquid nitrogen, etc. It is widely used in the sealing of industrial equipments such as flange, valve, reaction kettle, pump, pressure vessel, heat exchanger, condenser, electric generator, air compressor, exhaust pipe and refrigerating machine in the fields of petroleum, chemical engineering, chemical fiber, coal mining, electric power generation and me||x||tallurgy. Features: z88;z88;The high-strength graphite me||x||tal compound sealing gasket possesses outstanding features such as corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, fine compression resilience and better strength. It can also be cut into complicate sealing gaskets, such as nilometer sealing gaskets, flange gasket punched with bolt hole, etc. The inner and outer rings are covered with thin me||x||tal sheet, which cannot only keep all the outstanding performances of the original gasket, but also convenient to install and dismount, not easy to be damaged, prevent the gasket from eroding by any medium at the same time, so it has improved the pressure resistance. It is the preferred sealing products for the sealing surface joint of the major diameter pressure vessel flange.

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