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SELL: Carbon Fiber & Fabric #788
Posted by: Karen Yang
State: HEBEI
Postal code: 065900
Country: CHINA

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CARBON FIBER YARN,CARBON FIBER,CARBON FABRIC,CHOPPED CARBON FIBER The carbon fiber is widely used in: Aviation and aerospace: airfoil, screw propeller, airplane, vehicle brake sheet, engine shaft and engine shell z88;z88;Sports equipment: fishing rod, golf pole, tennis racket, badminton racket, ba||x||seball bat, sailing ship, cruiser, ski and bicycle. Industrial energy sources: automobile engine, motor helmet, machinery parts, air vane, textile fittings, heating wire, natural gas cylinder, transmission pipeline Medical equipment: X-ray instrumentation, operation supplies, wheelchair and human body support fr||x||ame. Civil construction: cable, concrete reinforcing materials, main sealing materials for industries like ship manufacturing, etc.

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