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SELL: EPM Plate Handling System #7
Posted by: Amit Sarda
Address: 44/1/6, IDA, Phase 1,
City: Hyderabad
State: Andhra Pradesh
Postal code: 500055
Country: India

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Kindly visit our website at for fore application pictures. Feature These electro permanent magnetic lifters are designed to be compact, low weight, high strength and reliable with full respect to industrial safety. Unique Electro Permanent Magnetic technique using double magnet system. Electro Permanent Magnets needs electricity only during switching the magnet ON or OFF. During actual transportation of job, ne electricity is required. Electro Permanent Magnetic can be controlled by a single operator staying at a safe distance. Electro Permanent Magnetic does not require any battery back-up. Over 95% saving of electricity using Electro Permanent Magnets as compared to conventional Electro Magnets. Electro Permanent Magnets can be supplied with fixed structure having provision for shifting magnets to handle plates with various sizes. Special safety – Will not drop when load is hanging due to incorporation of safety contact-less switch. Each Electro Permanent Magnet is hanged from suspension springs to adjust to the bendness/ wrapness of plates. Application EPM is ideal for handling single plates in stock yard of large fabrication shops. Loading of plates on flame cutting machines. Most effective in ship building industries. Electro Permanent Magnet can handle both small plates and large plates by moving telescopic arm which hangs magnets. Telescopic spreader beam with adjustable arm for lifting plates’ upto 12 M long and weighing 20 MT are available. Can be used to Handle Billets of all sizes.

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