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SELL: offer isothiazolin biocide bactericide fungicide algaecide preservative CIT/MIT MIT OIT DCOIT BIT #521
Posted by: Amy
Address: 1101 Anda business mansion, 32 Wuwu road, Zhongshan Dist.
City: Dalian
State: Liaoning
Postal code: 116001
Country: China
Description: We are a Chinese manufacturer and exporter of broad spectrum non-oxidizing non-toxic isothiazolinone biocide bactericide fungicide algaecide industrial dry film in-can preservative used in Water treatment, Oilfield, Paper pulping, Wood preservation, me||x||tal working fluid, Plastics, Paint & marine coatings, Personal care, cosmetics, building material. -sell CMIT CIT/MIT sell 5-Chloro-2-Methyl-4-Isothiazolin-3-one/2-Methyl-4-Isothiazolin-3-one (Active ingredient 14% 2.5% 1.5%CG CAS NO. 26172-55-4/2682-20-4) -sell MIT sell 2-Methyl-4-Isothiazolin-3-one (Active ingredient 50% 10% CAS NO. 26172-55-4/2682-20-4) -sell OIT sell 2-Octyl-4-Isothiazolin-3-one (Active ingredient 98% 45% CAS NO.26530-20-1) -DCOIT sell 4,5-Dichloro-2-n-Octyl-3-Isothiazolone (Active ingredient 97% 20% CAS NO. 64359-81-5) Amy Email: Tel: 86-411-82786111 ext. 823 Fax: 86-411-82736935

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