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SELL: Supply of Lubricating Oil Additives & Polybutene #37
Posted by: Emlyn Dsilva
Address: AT#3 Aishwaryam Appartments
City: Chennai
State: Tamil Nadu
Postal code: 600099
Country: India
Dear Sir, Our organization is ba||x||sed in the Emirate of Ajman in the United Arab Emirates and for the last 12 years has been supplying various grades of LUBRICATING OIL ADDITIVES in the Middle East region. As a part of our expansion, we have offices in Syria, Iran and India and in the process of stocking some of our products in France. Our organization consists of 3 companies Kimya Trading LLC, Emirates Refinery LLC and Oscar Lubricants LLC that trade and manufactures various products. All joint venture or purchases are made only from factories and not from traders or other middle men. We have the opportunity to supply you various grades of Polyisobutylene with molecular weights ranging from 450 to 65000. 450, 750, 950, 1300, 2100, 2600, 45000, 55000, 65000 The range of applications includes: ADHESIVES- as tackifier, strengthener and extender, CAULKS, SEALANTS AND GLAZING COMPOUNDS- as the primary vehicle or a modifier, RUBBER MODIFIER- as a plasticizer and low cost extender for SBR, butyl and natural rubbers, CLING ADDITIVE- for LLDPE stretch wrap films, COATINGS- as a vehicle and a fugitive binder for pastes, LUBRICANTS - as a light coloured, shear stable, ashless ba||x||se stock, PAPER TREATMENTS- as component in moisture and vapour proof emulsions for laminated paper and carbon paper, ELECTRICAL oils, insulators and cable flooding compounds, LEATHER IMPREGNANT - shoes and sporting goods, REACTIVE INTERMEDIATE for specialty chemicals and various adducts. CHEWING GUM - Polyisobutylene can be mixed with paraffin and resin for improving the quality of the chewing gum, making chewing gum more soft and stable with good hydrophobicity and excellent membrane performance. FOOD GRADE ADHESIVE AGENT - Polyisobutylene can be mixed with various adhesive agent, taking the effect of adhesion and modification. As it has hydrophobicity, when mixed with hydrophilic substances, it can low toxic substance absorbance and high temperature stability, and adjust hardness and anti-bacterium performance. FOODSTUFF - Packaging Material: Polyisobutylene can be mixed with various paraffin and resins as the eliminating agent for packing membrane. e.g., Polyisobutylene can promote the low-temperature stability of the products. FOOD HOT-MELT ADHESIVE - Polyisobutylene is blended as a plasticizer of hot melt adhesive for food, use thermoplastic rubber (TPR) and the like as the ba||x||se. MEDICAL ADHESIVES - Polyisobutylene is mixed with various types of adhesives including pressure sensitive adhesive in direct contact with human skin. AND CONCRETE MOLD RELEASE AGENT, SYNTHETIC TRACKS, PRINTING INKS, LEATHER SHOE SOLES, ALUMINIUM FOILS, FUEL ADDITIVES, PUTTY, SURGICAL TAPES, THERMOPLASTIC ROAD MARKING PAINTS ETC LUBRICATING OIL ADDITIVES Pour Point Depressant (for engine oils or fuel) Diesel and Gasoline Engine Oil Additives of all API levels Viscosity Improver (liquid or solid form) Viscosity Index Improver (liquid or solid form) Viscosity Index Improver (for gear, hydraulic, ATF etc) TBN Booster (300, 400 and 500) Water soluble cutting oil additive Railroad additive Tractor engine oil additive Gear oil additive Hydraulic oil additive ATF (Dexron II and III) additive Turbine additive 2T additive Grease Brake Fluid DOT3 & DOT4 Coolant Concentrate Antioxidants Group I, II and III ba||x||se oils Group IV ba||x||se oil (4 cSt and 6 cSt) Components (ZDDP, Dispersant etc) We stock most of our products in the United Arab Emirates. We have over 10,000 Sq Meters of land with 4500 Sq Meters of covered area. Products are stored in drums and bulk. Bulk tanks we a total capacity of approx. 4,000 MT. We also have storage facility for ba||x||se oils in Jebel Ali, Sharjah and Hamriyah Ports in the UAE. At the same time, we also ship goods to our customer directly from our supplier. We have an extensive in-house laboratory that have instruments such as ICP, XRF, TGA, FTIR, Automatic color, TBN, Water titration, pour point, viscosity, flash point, centrifuge (for sediment) and SSI (shear stability index) instruments. This is to help our customers with certain analysis that they request and also to ensure the quality of the products we import. We look forward to working with your esteemed organization. Please advise if you are interested in the same in order to send you the relevant data sheets. Look forward to receiving your reply soon. Thanks & best regards, Emlyn Dsilva Chennai, India Tel +91 999 461 7690 (24 Hrs) Tel +91 44 428 66130 United Arab Emirates OFFICE Tel +971 6 7433303 / 7433354 Fax +971 6 7435449

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