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Posted by: GraffitiDude
City: Las Vegas
State: Nevada
Country: USA
H.C. Sealant: Converts Mild Carbon Steel to have properties able to REPLACE STAINLESS STEEL Our Coating attaches to all normal me||x||tal, glass and plastic substrates utilizing molecular-level penetration making the permanent interlocking molecular bond of the new nano-chemistry. The level of porosity and availability of free ions in me||x||tals dictates the depth of penetration of the coating into the substrate, regardless of thickness. ba||x||sed upon this criteria and through the use of proprietary Penetration Activator, H.C. has successfully penetrated up to 50 percent into mild cold-rolled steel, and up to 30 percent into other me||x||tals at various thicknesses. Note: Typically, penetration of less than 1 percent is all that is necessary to achieve PERMANENT bond. Corrosion Resistance: Hydrofluoric Acid, among the mineral acids, is the most highly corrosive mineral acid, and is among the most corrosive of all acids. Where used in industry, Hydrofluoric Acid is typically found in concentration levels ranging from 1 percent to 5 percent . In very rare isolated cases Hydrofluoric Acid concentrations can approach 20 percent . H.C. resists corrosion up to 33 percent Hydrofluoric Acid concentration. Benefits and Applications Include: Exceptional wear protection for internal and external me||x||tal parts as in internal combustion engines and turbines. Protection provided vastly extends machine life. me||x||tal and Chrome protection (Chrome provides a large, high-profit specialty market for H.C.). Plastics protection (A new coatings market provided by H.C.). High heat protection. Very High Scratch resistance. Total UV protection. Waterproof. Full corrosion protection. No oxidation attack. ZERO VOCs emission (Volatile Organic Compounds). Total protection against salt water; salst fog; spray, etc. ZERO permeation rate (Total Vapor Barrier). ZERO insult to environment/ecology/health; Totally Safe. Exceptional Fireproof Substrates. Adds strength to me||x||tals and plastics: Marine fishing gear; rods; reels, etc. (made from aluminum, plastics and other me||x||tals). Extensive applications in all recreational markets. Scientific Achievement: The H.C. Sealant Converts Mild Carbon Steel to have properties able to REPLACE STAINLESS STEEL

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