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SELL: Phone laser engraving, laser marking on phone shell #23377
Posted by: unikonex
Address: China
City: Shanghai

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Now more and more people value the personalized and customized characteristics, which means they want to make a personal mark on their things, like on the iphone, laptop, T-shirts, bags and so on. In fact, phone engraving has become quite popular. With a laser marking machine, to apply text, images and your name to your phone shell is very easy and very quick to finish.

As the ideal option of custom engraving on phone, by the precise laser marking system, the engravings are everlasting and will not harm the tender circuitry contained within. Consequently, with this high level of precision, you could create various or more challenging designs on your phone.

Know how to laser engraving on your phone shell, please contact us at or mail to

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