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SELL: High quality factory push-pull force meter Digital push-pull force tester meter Digital gauge #23118
Posted by: UNIMETRO
Address: A26, Juhe Machinery Trading Center, Mid Zhen-An Rd, Chang-An,
City: Dongguan
State: Guangdong
Postal code: 523852
Country: 中国

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Digital push-pull force gauge
It can be used for push-pull load test, plug-in force test and damage test of various products. The digital display has high resolution and is easy to use. It can connect the computer synchronously to display the test force curve and the test process record. It can be traced back to a new generation of high-efficiency and high-precision load push-pull test instrument.

The push-pull force gauge perform their maximum ability in all kind of force measurement purpose.
◆ Extension and Compression Force Measurement:Simple Measurement of Strength of Spring and Rubber

◆ Touch Force Measurement:Checking operating force of key switches on telephone,electric calculator and remote controller
◆ Insertion/Withdraw Force Measurement:Both of insertion and withdraw force of connectors can be measured at a time.
◆ Fracture Load Test:Detection of maximum load on grass,carbons,ceramics,plastics and new material.
◆ Bending Load Test:Detection of maximum load on me tal plate, rod and wood materials.
◆ Adhesion Force Measurement:Detection of adhesive force when adhesive tapes or materials on PCB is peeled off.
◆ Elasticity Measurement:Rubbers,new materials and other elastic materials.
◆ Hardness and Viscosity Test:Checking hardness of drug tablets and fruits and viscosity of lipsticks and other paste materials.
◆ Pop Test:Measurement of force for opening can’s pull-tub.
◆ Tension Strength Test:Checking strength of electric terminal’s end when tensed.
◆ Tensibility Test : Checking tensibility of electric wire and copper wire.
◆ Measurement of Contacting Point:Detection of operating force of mechanical switch and detection of changing condition of switch contact.

■ Measuring unit:N.Kgf (gf) or lbf (ozf) selectable
■ Display:4 digits LCD
■ Measurable value:Peak or current value
■ Sampling rate:1000 times /sec
■ Overload capacity:About 200% F.S.(100% Alarm LED Flash)
■ Accuracy:±0.2%F.S.,±1 digit
■ Operating temperature:0 to + 40℃
■ Power: Internal four AA Ni / MH batteries or external AC adapter
■ Output:RS-232c,analog voltage + / -1V F.S.
■ Weight:About 420g

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