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SELL: 1280sf in-plant modular office, 80’x16’ or reconfigure as needed, ONLY $7500 #22249
Posted by: pdq216
City: Seven Hills
State: OH
Postal code: 44131
Country: United States

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First of all, apologies for the lack of photos. This is located in a secure building and I am not allowed to take photos of my own. I can only use what was provided by the contracting officer. GENERAL INFO AND SPECS The estimated age of this office system is 5-6 years old per the ba se engineer. I have no way to verify that at this time, other than his recollection. The hangar, in which this is currently located, is immaculately kept. The office system appears to be in very good condition as well. I (my company) am disassembling and removing the inplant office you see on top of the mezzanine in the photos. It measures 80’ x 16’ (x 8’ tall), but appears to be actually 2 separate 40’ x 16’ units. It is comprised of 4’ x 8’ modular panels and you could rearrange them to configure the office in other ways. By my calculations, there should be the following amounts of material: 72 wall panels (56 exterior wall panels, 16 interior wall panels). Exterior side appears to be covered with FRP. Interior side appears to be covered in vinyl. I believe these wall panels are about 3" thick, composed of styrofoam sandwiched by 1/2" gwb (drywall) and then covered with the FRP/vinyl finishes. 9 windows, as you can see in the photos. Each is a fixed pane set in steel fr ame. 6 doors, as you can see in the photos. Each is hanged in a steel fr ame. I assume there are 6 wall penetrations along the backside wall for air-conditioning units. All associated trim for panel joints, etc. 1028 square feet of steel corrugated decking that comprises the roof of the structure. You can walk on it or store material on it. It provides a very durable and solid surface. All primary channel, connectors, etc, necessary to install system elsewhere. Each of the offices (this is broken into 6 separate offices) has an acoustical ceiling (drop ceiling) with fiberglass insulation above. I do not anticipate any of the acoustical will be able to be saved in reusable condition. There is also an additional 3/4" plywood floor in each office, laid over the floor of the mezzanine. This should be fairly salvageable, if needed, but there are floor finishes over them that need to be removed in order to remove the plywood (floor finishes are VCT in some offices and carpet tile in others). I do not have any specific info on what type of integrated electrical system is included. There are an unknown number of lay-in ceiling light fixtures which I believe are 2’ x 4’. These would be included in the sale. I want to include as much of the salvageable components as possible. I have no interest or need in any of them. HAUL OUT This ba se does require special clearances to enter. We can arrange to load the above into trucks that we acquire (rentals) and transport to you for a fee. We may be able to arrange for you to have a truck, trailer or shipping container (your’s or a third party’s) delivered to the ba se for us to load with the above. Please discuss with me if you have questions about this. There will be a considerable amount of material. I estimate that the weight will be around 10,000 lbs +/- and the volume of material to be 800-900 cubic feet, not accounting for dead airspace between loaded materials. This may be able to fit into a 40 container or a 53’ trailer. It would possibly take TWO 26’ box trucks to hold all material. NOTE: THESE ARE ALL BEST-GUESS ESTIMATES. It is possible that they may be off. I encourage you to do your own math as well. The ba se is located adjacent to the Jacksonville, Florida Airport (JAX) for which I believe the zip code is 32218. We are located in the Cleveland, Ohio area but the items for sale are in Jacksonville. We will be disassembling this unit the week of February 11, 2019. You must make arrangements for how to haul offsite at least 2 weeks prior to project start. We will complete disassembly and will load within 1 to 2 weeks. Note that although we will take care throughout the process, it is possible that minor damage may occur during disassembly, loading and moving. PAYMENT See listed payment types. Contact me for other arrangements. CONCLUSION I have given as accurate and adequate information as possible, to properly inform you of what is included. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact me. pete AT cdcohio DOT com or call me at area code 216 and phone 496 7800 (I wrote it this way to keep bots from picking it up to add to email and call lists)

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