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SELL: Elements increasing hardness of abrasion resistant steel pipe #22123
Posted by: sara052807
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We,, choose a kind of steel pipe due to its practical function. No matter seamless steel pipe or welded one, its features would finally determine its work environment. Today, we would like to discuss about the elements increasing hardness of abrasion resistant steel pipe.

What makes abrasion resistant steel more immune to wear than other types of steel? And how we guarantee its quality when used in tubes? The chemical composition of abrasion resistant steel would give us answers. Some alloys would increase the ability of abrasion resistance. For example, carbon will help block dislocations, thus, it will enhance the hardness and strength of a steel pipe. The added carbon also allows the steel to form microstructures with increased hardness when heated and quenched. There are other elements that can be added to abrasion resistant steel to increase its hardness value too. Chromium and manganese are also added to abrasion resistant steels to help reduce the negative effects caused by wear.

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