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SELL: Luoyang slewing bearing HSN900 internal gear swing bearing #22109
Posted by: hedybearings
City: Luoyang
State: Henan
Postal code: 471000
Country: China

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Production and supply high quality HSN900 slewing bearing, four-point contact ball structure, with inner teeth, external dimension:778*1022*100mm, mass:252 kg. Single-row four-point contact ball slewing bearing is composed of four parts, including inner ring, outer ring, steel ball and sperater. It is compact in structure, light weight, and the steel ball is in contact with the circular raceway at four points. It can bear axial force and radial force at the same time. It is often used in rotary conveyors, welding operators, small and medium sized cranes and excavators. Bearing in the use process should pay attention to lubrication and maintenance, otherwise it will seriously affect the service life. The slewing bearing has been filled with special grease according to the operating condition when it is manufactured. Lubrication shall be added during operation. Every time lubrication shall be filled with grease in the raceway. When grease is injected, slowly rotate the bearing to ensure even filling of grease. Here are some recommended product models: HSN400 HSN450 HSN480 HSN489 HSN500 HSN500M HSN560 HSN560R HSN560RM HSN567.5 HSN630 HSN630M HSN710 HSN710R HSN720 HSN800 HSN800M HSN886 HSN900 HSN900M HSN1000 HSN1000M HSN1077 HSN1050 HSN1086S HSN1094C HSN1120 HSN1120R HSN1120RM HSN1220 HSN1225 HSN1250 HSN1250R HSN1250RM HSN1535 HSN1400 HSN1400R HSN1400RM

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