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SELL: ABB thyristors #21996
Posted by: thyristor888
ABB Diodes ABB Gate turn-off thyristors (GTO) ABB IGBT and diode modules ABB Insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) and diode dies ABB INTEGRATED GATE-COMMUTATED THYRISTORS (IGCT) ABB Press-pack IGBT modules ABB Bi-directionally controlled thyristors (BCT) ABB Phase controlled thyristors (PCT) A&S provides ABB thyristors like Bi-directional controlled thyristor, Gate Turn-off asymetric standard thyristor,fast tyristor, Integrated gate commutated thyristor, GTO thyristor, etc. Models we offer: ABB Thyristor 5SGA 40L4501, ABB Thyristor 5STB 24Q2800, ABB Thyristor 5STP 18H3600, ABB Thyristor 5STP 45QXXXX, ABB Thyristor 5STP 38QXXXX, ABB Thyristor TV989-2700-3XX, ABB Thyristor TV989-2770XXX, ABB Thyristor T989-3300XX, ABB Thyristor T989-3030XX, ABB Thyristor T1XXX-24, ABB Thyristor 5STP 27L1800, ABB Thyristor 5STP 1818F000, ABB Thyristor T918-2000-XX, ABB Thyristor 5STP 27H1800, ABB Thyristor TV918-1500-XX, ABB Thyristor TV989-2700-2XX, ABB Thyristor 5STP 16F2400, ABB Thyristor TT430 N20KOF, ABB Thyristor T2XXX-18,etc. If failed to find your ideal models, pls send details to our email box. You’ll be responded within one working day. We still distribute original thyristors/rectifiers of world’s leading brands. ABB Thyristor, ABB Rectifier GE Thyristor, GE Rectifier AEG Thyristor, Infineon Thyriostor IR Thyristor, IR Rectifier IXYS Thyristor, NXP Thyristor Mitsubishi Thyristor, Mitsubishi Rectifier PRX Thyritor, Renesas Thyristor Westcode Thyristor, ST Thyristor SEMIKRON Thyristor, SEMIKRON Rectifier SanRex Thyrisotr, SanRex Rectifier Toshiaba Thyristor, Tyco Rectifier Vishay Thyristor, Vishay Rectifier Emerson Rectifier, Valere Rectifer Eaton Rectifer, Benning Rectifier Eltek Rectifier, BOSCH Rectifier Littelfuse Thyristor,Alpha Rectifier JieJie Microelectronics,Eupec Thtristor Westinghouse Thyristor, Westinghouse Rectifier POSEICO Thyristor, CLION Thyristor.etc. Who’s A&S Thyristor? Search "as-thyristor", you’ll get a quick answer. We are a professional team established in 2008, who is expert at industrial rectifing conponents distrubuting and solutions proposing. Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask us. A&S Thyristor Co., Ltd. Website: 3w [dot] as-thyristor [dot] com Email: thyristor [at] attachment8 [dot] com Tel: 86-28-65826104 Fax: 86-28-86129221 Add: 2nd Floor, Xinhelinghang Tower, Chengdu, China Contact: Jessie Lee Mobile: 86-18398982650

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