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SELL: FRB BEARINGS factory direct sales slewing drive 5 inch PE5A solar photovoltaic power generation tracking device #21821
Posted by: hedybearings
Address: Ding ding road,xi gong industry
City: Luoyang
State: Henan
Postal code: 471000
Country: China

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Slewing drive can be applied to the main machine for circular motion, such as crane rotary table, rotary machinery, etc.Once put into production, this product can be widely used in the engineering machinery field represented by high-altitude working vehicles and automobile cranes, as well as the new energy field represented by solar photovoltaic power generation and wind power generation, as well as other fields such as automation, machine tool manufacturing and aerospace communication. It can be said that the market potential of this product is huge.

1. Beam truck field
Traditional rotary transporting girder vehicle assembly core part mostly use the traditional slewing bearing products, because the slewing bearings does not have outer cabinet, corrosion resistant ability is not very ideal, which depends on the hydraulic oil cylinder to push the steering system of the tire, the tire rotation angle range has also been a lot of restrictions.The adoption of FRB bearings slewing drive as rotary parts can not only improve the corrosion resistance of parts, but also increase the steering angle of each set of tires.

2. High-altitude vehicle field
The high-altitude work vehicle is an important use field of FRB Bearing slewing drive. Generally, the high-altitude work vehicle requires a high safety coefficient of the main engine.On the other hand, worm gear transmission has a large transmission speed ratio, so as to improve the safety coefficient of the main engine, it can also omit a set of worm gear reducer for the main engine, so as to reduce the manufacturing cost of the main engine.

3. Photovoltaic power generation
Photovoltaic power generation is an important application field of FRB Bearings slewing drive. The solar photovoltaic module with FRB Bearings slewing drive as the rotating part can precisely adjust the rotation angle and elevation angle of the host machine according to different positions of the sun in the day.

4. Wind power generation
Same as the photovoltaic (pv) found, FRB Bearings slewing drive can be applied to parts of wind turbine yaw, realize the level of 360 ° rotation, so as to better adjust the angle of receiving.

5. Engineering mechanical claw field
Engineering machinery equipment is FRB Bearings slewing drive a whole new field of application of using FRB Bearings slewing drive as a rotating body claws, make the design more concise, more conducive to use and maintain, worm gear and worm drive has a larger ratio at the same time, make the claws of engineering machinery and auxiliary equipment such as positioning accuracy is greatly improved

Slewing drive specification: slewing drive device specifications sizes, domestic model approximation of naming standards in accordance with the slewing bearing raceway diameter points, in inches (1 inch = 25.4 mm) for the unit is divided into: SE3 / PE3 / ZE3, SE5A/PE5 / ZE5A, SE7 / PE7 / ZE7, SE9 / PE9 / ZE9, SE12 / PE12 / ZE12, SE14 / PE17 / ZE14, SE17 / PE17, SE21 / PE21, SE25 / PE25, integrated, / S14, S17 etc.

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