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SELL: FRB Bearings supply high quality 3 - inch SE3C solar slewing drive #21820
Posted by: hedybearings
Address: Ding ding road,xi gong industry
City: Luoyang
State: Henan
Postal code: 471000
Country: China

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Slewing drive applications: mainly used in aerospace, tower crane, excavator, engineering machinery, transport machinery, lift, altitude operation, satellite reception system, solar energy tracking system and other industries.Especially in recent years, the rapid development of the solar photovoltaic power industry is widely used.

Slewing drive specification: Slewing drive specifications sizes, domestic model approximation of naming standards in accordance with the slewing bearing raceway diameter points, in inches (1 inch = 25.4 mm) for the unit is divided into: SE3 / PE3 / ZE3, SE5A/PE5 / ZE5A, SE7 / PE7 / ZE7, SE9 / PE9 / ZE9, SE12 / PE12 / ZE12, SE14 / PE17 / ZE14, SE17 / PE17, SE21 / PE21, SE25 / PE25, S9, / S14, S17 etc.

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Slewing drive is a kind of integration of driving power source of the week rotary reducer transmission mechanism, it with slewing bearing as a follower and adhesion mechanism, transmission through the slewing bearing inner and outer circle a circle on the initiative of the cover, driving source and shell, and the other a circle as a follower, both as the connection of the ba se driven working parts again, such use of slewing bearing itself is the week characteristics of rotary joints, efficient allocation of driving power source and the main transmission parts, make it become a kind of integrating rotary, slow down and drive function and structure is simple,manufacturing and maintenance of convenient universal deceleration drive mechanism.

Characteristics of Slewing drive: Slewing drive device is a new type of slewing bearings products, usually called slewing bearing is usually made of worm, rotary support, shell, motor and other components.Because the core component adopts rotary support, it can bear axial force, radial force and heeling moment at the same time.

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