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SELL: High quality Kaydon series bearing with flange slewing bearing RK6-29E1Z #21818
Posted by: hedybearings
Address: Ding ding road,xi gong industry
City: Luoyang
State: Henan
Postal code: 471000
Country: China

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Brand: FRB
Model: RK6-29 e1z
Inside diameter: 664 mm
Outer diameter: 788 mm
Holder and its materials :TH glass fiber reinforced phenolic resin
56 mm thickness:
Weight: 98 kg
Purpose: engineering machinery
Sample or spot: in stock
Number of scroll body columns: single column
Raceway type: spherical raceway
Usage: low temperature
Bearing material :50Mn or 42CrMo
Sealed dust-proof form :2RS
Scroll type: ball
Seal cover: double-sided seal
Rolling body: steel ball
Precision grade :P5
Combination :QFT

FRB BEARINGS adopt the production process of car grinding, which not only ensures the precision of the product, but also ensures the appearance of the product!Let quality speak for China bearings!

The material is made of 50Mn or 42CrMo carbon steel. The quenching hardness can reach HRC58-64, and the temperature-adjusting hardness can reach 229-269HB. The accuracy grade P5 is suitable for such turntables.The service life of our products will increase more!The positioning of rotary disc bearing adopts inner and outer ring installation hole positioning, which is convenient to install and disassemble. We have professional logistics to reach every corner of the coverage area.

RK series bearings have flanges on one or two rings with dimensions ranging from 20 to 47 inches (500-1200mm) in outer diameter.Flange design reduces weight and allows device designers to more flexibly design the shape of adjacent mounting structures and the arrangement of bolts.RK series are suitable for a variety of applications when large size and light weight are the dominant factors in selecting bearing.

Design features: the inner structure is a deep groove raceway, through which the ball can reach four-point contact, so that the bearing can bear both radial, axial and torque loads.The spacing between the spacer ball and the bearing ball can reduce the torque of the rotation resistance, and the better performance can be obtained in the case of swinging motion.Perfect phase seal to help remove contaminants.

The RK series bearings have no teeth, inner teeth and outer teeth, providing the designer with the flexibility of choice.The bearing adopts the design of short involute tooth, with a pressure Angle of 20 degrees, which can reach the precision of AGMA Q5. The clearance of the tooth side is allowed to be between 0.005 and 0.015 inches.All bearings of this type have four grease nozzles spaced 90 degrees apart.Toothless and toothless bearings with oil nozzles located at the outside step (rD).The bearing of the outer tooth and the nozzle are located at the inner diameter step (rd).

RK series bearings are widely used in light and medium load applications, including: small crane, derrick and elevator, industrial position sensor and rotary table, rotary chute, extension packaging machine, bottle filler,conveyor and related handling equipment, rotary display.

FRB Bearings manufacture carefully, we serve the whole world, our Kaydon series bearing with flange turntable has the following series of models:
Inner and outer flange rotor bearing: RK6-16p1Z, RK6-22p1Z, RK6-25p1Z, RK6-29p1Z, RK6-33p1Z, RK6-37p1Z, RK6-43p1Z

External flange bearing of inner teeth: RK6-16n1Z, RK6-22n1Z, RK6-25n1Z, RK6-29n1Z, RK6-33n1Z, RK6-37n1Z, RK6-43n1Z

External tooth inner flange rotor bearing: RK6-16e1Z, RK6-22e1Z, RK6-25e1Z, RK6-29e1Z, RK6-33e1Z, RK6-37e1Z, RK6-43e1Z

The above models can be produced by our factory.FRB BEARINGS warmly welcome you to inquiry!

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