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SELL: AGV intelligent robot trolley special cross roller slewing bearing 111.12.222 #21817
Posted by: hedybearings
Address: Ding ding road,xi gong industry
City: Luoyang
State: Henan
Postal code: 471000
Country: China

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AGV handling robot is mainly used in material handling in manufacturing industry, and AGV can accomplish material handling tasks efficiently, accurately and flexibly in manufacturing industry.Moreover, multiple agvs can form a flexible logistics and transportation system, and the transportation route can be adjusted in time with the adjustment of the production process flow, enabling a production line to produce more than ten products, greatly improving the flexibility of production and the competitiveness of enterprises.

As a basic transport tool, AGV has been widely used in many industries, such as machinery processing, home appliance production, microelectronics manufacturing, cigarette manufacturing, etc.

FRB BEARINGS market development, according to the characteristics of the AGV car, special to grind out a few cross roller BEARINGS for AGV car, small size, high rotary precision, light weight and so on a series of small slewing bearing.

FRB Bearings elaborate manufacture, services for the global,we produce single row cross roller slewing bearing series models are:

Toothless type: 110.25.500, 110.25.560, 110.25.710, 110.28.900, 110.28.1120, 110.32.1250, 110.40.2000, 110.40.2240, 110.2500, 110.2800, 110.50.3150, etc.

External tooth type: 111.25.500 111.25.260 112.25.560 112.28.900 111.28.1000 111.32.1400 112.32.1600 111.40.2000 111.40.2240 111.40.28000 111.50.3150 etc.

Inner gear: 113.25.560 113.25.500 114.25.710 113.28.800 114.28.900 113.28.1000 113.32.1250 113.32.1400 113.32.1600 114.40.2500 113.40.2800 114.2800 114.50.3150 etc.

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