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SELL: Bucket Tooth Locking Pins #21781
Posted by: asbucketsteeth
City: Chengdu
State: Sichuan
Postal code: 610041
Country: CHINA

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A&S Machinery supplies various locking pins for bucket teeth used on excavators, loaders, bulldozer rippers. Different Types of Tooth Locking Pins Available Vertical locking pins Herizontal locking pins/retainers/washers Steel pin Rubber pin Bolt and nut Our locking pins are applicable for the following bucket teeth. Excavator: CAT, CASE, JOHN DEERE, KOMATSU, HITACHI, SUMITOMO, KOBLECO, KUBOTA, YANMA, IHICE, KATO, TAKEUCHI, MITSUBISHI, DOOSAN, HYUNDAI, DAEWOO, VOLVO, JCB, XCMG, XGMA, LIUGONG, CHANGLIN, LONKING, SANY, YUCHAI, SHANTUI, ZOOMLION, BONNY, LISHIDE, SDLG, SEM, YUTONG, DEGONG, LOVOL, PENGPU, JONYANG KINETICS, HENGTE, SUNWARD, JINGONG, STRONG Loaders: CAT, KOMATSU, HITACHI, HYUNDAI, VOLVO, KOBLECO, SDLG, XGMA, CHENGGONG, SEM, CHANGLING, LOVOL, DEGONG, JINGONG, YTO, SHANTUI, YUCHAI, BOBCAT, TCM, KAWASAKI, YANMAR, DAEWOO, LIUGONG, LONKING, XCMG Bulldozer Rippers: CAT, KOMATSU, SHANTUI, LIUGONG, YTO, HBIS, YI SHAN, XCMG, PENGPU Tooth systems: ESCO, HENSLEY, MTG Examples of locking pin part numbers for your reference: Tooth lock pin XS115PC Tooth lock pin XS115PX Tooth lock pin XS145PC Tooth lock pin XS145PX Tooth lock pin XS20P Tooth lock pin XS30P Tooth lock pin XS40P Tooth lock pin XS50P Tooth lock pin XS70P Tooth lock pin XS85PC Tooth lock pin XS85PX Pins - 09244 - 02496 0924403036 Pin Tooth 0924402946 Pin Tooth 09244-02516 Pin Tooth 2713-1272 Pin Tooth 195-78-71360 Pin Ripper E161-3035 Pin and Washer 66NB-31340 Pin 66NB-31350 Washer VOE 11417146 Locking device, complete 20P VOE 11417147 Locking device, complete 30P VOE 14524860 Locking device, complete 40P VOE 11417148 Locking device, complete 55P VOE 14524710 Locking device, complete 65P VOE 14524711 Locking device, complete 80P V29PN V33PN V39PN V43PN V51PN V61PNA V69PN V71PN V81PN S95RPN 65SV2PN-C 70SV2PN-C 75SV2PN-C 85SV2PN-C 8E6208 PIN-GET(9W7112,1U4208) 8E6209 RETAINER G(4T0001,9J4209) 2011238 PIN-GET 8E6258 PIN-G E T(8J4258,9J2258) 8E6259 RETAINER G(3G9609,8J5309,8A7865) 8J2928 BOLT 5P8136 4F4042 BOLT 1324766 PIN--G E T 1073308 8E6259 RETAINER G(3G9609,8J5309,8A7865) 5P8823 BOLT 5P8362 NUT 5P8136 BOLT 8J2928 8J2933 NUT 6V6535 BOLT 5P8362 NUT 3K5234 WASHER 1140358 PIN G E T (8J2358)8E6358 1140359 RETAINER A(7J6845)8E6359 5P8361 BOLT 5P8823 BOLT 5P8362 NUT 1167408 PIN G E T(7T3408) 7T3408 PIN 1167409 RETAINER A 8E8409 8E8409 RETAINER(7T3409)1167409 1167408 PIN G E T(7T3408) 8E5559 RETAINER G 1078559 3K9770 NUT 1140468 PIN - G E.T(8E0468) 1073469 RETAINER A(8E0469,8E8469) 1140468 PIN - G E.T(8E0468) 1073378 PIN GET(6Y8558) 1073469 RETAINER A(8E0469,8E8469) 2209090 RETAINER-GET 2209090 RETAINER-GET 3K9770 NUT 2209090 RETAINER-GET 6I6371 BOLT 2862110 RETAINER GET 1368308 G.E.T. PIN(9J6583,9W2668) 1U2405 RETAINER 1140359 132-0999 Retainer 257-2689 Pin 3K-9770 Nut 198-1092 Bolt 310-2788 Capture Pin Kit J800 ... Our locking pin system for bucket teeth is a available for small utility machines up to large mining shovels. A full selection of types and sizes will fit all popular machines and applications. As long as you can offer us the model number or part number and images or photos of the required locking pins, we will locate the right tooth pins for your quickly. If any interest in our tooth locking pins, just feel free to contact A&S Machinery Co., Ltd.. Glad to help.

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