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SELL: Hitachi Mining Excavator Tooth and Lip Shrouds #21627
Posted by: asbucketsteeth
City: Chengdu
Country: China

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A&S Machinery Co., Ltd. supplies tooth, tooth pin, tooth adapter, lip shroud, wing shroud and corner wear shoes for the following Hitachi mining excavators. Hitachi EX800 tooth and lip shrouds Hitachi ZX870 tooth and lip shrouds Hitachi EX1200-5 tooth and lip shrouds Hitachi EX1200-6 tooth and lip shrouds Hitachi EX1900-6 tooth and lip shrouds Hitachi EX2500 tooth and lip shrouds Hitachi EX3600 tooth and lip shrouds ESC491-75SV2 491-75SV2-ADAPTADOR V2-75 ESC5897W-70SV2 5897W-70SV2-ADAPT. SV2-70 ESC5897W-75SV2 5897W-75SV2-ADAPTADOR V2-75 ESC5898-V61 ADAPT.SUPER V PALA 1/2 SUP ESC5898-V69 ADAPT.SUPER V PALA 1/2 SUP ESC5898-V71 ADAPT.SUPER V PALA 1/2 SUP ESC5898A-U60 5898A-U60-ADAPT.ULTRALOCK U60 ESC5898W-65SV2 5898W-65SV2-ADAPT. SV2-65 ESC6810W-75SV2 6810W-75SV2-ADAPTADOR V2-75 ESC6810W-85SV2 6810W-85SV2-ADAPTADOR V2-85 ESC6812LW-65SV2 6812LW-65SV2-ADAPT. SV2-65 ESC6812RW-65SV2 6812RW-65SV2-ADAPT. SV2-65 ESC6812W-65SV2 6812W-65SV2-ADAPT. SV2-65 ESC6830LW-65SV2 6830LW-65SV2-ADAPT. SV2-65 ESC6830RW-65SV2 6830RW-65SV2-ADAPT. SV2-65 ESC6838L-75SV2 6838L-75SV2-ADAPTADOR V2-75 ESC6838L-85SV2 6838L-85SV2-ADAPTADOR V2-85 ESC6838R-75SV2 6838R-75SV2-ADAPTADOR V2-75 ESC6838R-85SV2 6838R-85SV2-ADAPTADOR V2-85 ESC6839L-70SV2 6839L-70SV2-ADAPT. SV2-70 ESC6839L-75SV2 6839L-75SV2-ADAPTADOR V2-75 ESC6839R-70SV2 6839R-70SV2-ADAPT. SV2-70 ESC6839R-75SV2 6839R-75SV2-ADAPTADOR V2-75 ESC6840L-65SV2 6840L-65SV2-ADAPT. SV2-65 ESC6840L-70SV2 6840L-70SV2-ADAPT. SV2-70 ESC6840R-65SV2 ADAPT.SOLDABLE ESC6840R-65W2 6840R-65W2-ADAPT. SV2-65 ESC6840R-70SV2 6840R-70SV2-ADAPT. SV2-70 ESC6842L-85SV2 6842L-85SV2-ADAPTADOR V2-85 ESC6842R-85SV2 6842R-85SV2-ADAPTADOR V2-85 ESC6843W-75SV2 6843W-75SV2-ADAPTADOR V2-75 ESC6844LW-75SV2 6844LW-75SV2-ADAPTADOR V2-75 ESC6844RW-75SV2 6844RW-75SV2-ADAPTADOR V2-75 ESC6845L-75SV2 6845L-75SV2-ADAPTADOR V2-75 ESC6845R-75SV2 6845R-75SV2-ADAPTADOR V2-75 ESC6847W-75SV2 6847W-75SV2-ADAPTADOR V2-75 ESC6848LW-75SV2 6848LW-75SV2-ADAPTADOR V2-75 ESC6848RW-75SV2 6848RW-75SV2-ADAPTADOR V2-75 ESC6849L-75SV2 ADAPT.SOLDABLE ESC6849R-75SV2 ADAPT.SOLDABLE ESC6852L-65SV2 6852L-65SV2-ADAPT. SV2-65 ESC6852R-65SV2 6852R-65SV2-ADAPT. SV2-65 ESC6853L-65SV2 6853L-65SV2-ADAPT. SV2-65 ESC6853R-65SV2 6853R-65SV2-ADAPT. SV2-65 ESC6855L-70SV2 ADAPT.SOLDABLE ESC6855R-70SV2 ADAPT.SOLDABLE ESC6857L-65SV2 6857L-65SV2-ADAPT. SV2-65 ESC6857R-65SV2 6857R-65SV2-ADAPT. SV2-65 ESC75SV2ADHL DIENTE SV2 ESC75SV2AG 75SV2AG-PUNTA SV2-75 ESC75SV2PN-C 75SV2PN-C-PASADOR SV2-75 ESC75SV2RHXL 75SV2RHXL-PUNTA SV2-75 ESC75SV2RX 75SV2RX-PUNTA SV2-75 ESC75SV2RXL 75SV2RXL-PUNTA SV2-75 ESC75SV2RXX 75SV2RXX-PUNTA SV2-75 ESC75SV2RXXL 75SV2RXXL-PUNTA SV2-75 ESC75SV2SD 75SV2SD-PUNTA SV2-75 ESC75SV2VX 75SV2VX-PUNTA SV2-75 ESC85SV2CHD 85SV2CHD-PUNTA V2-85 ESC85SV2PN-C 85SV2PN-C-PASADOR V2-85 ESC85SV2RHXL 85SV2RHXL-PUNTA V2-85 ESC85SV2RX 85SV2RX-PUNTA V2-85 ESC85SV2RXL 85SV2RXL-PUNTA V2-85 ESC85SV2RXXL 85SV2RXXL-PUNTA V2-85 ESC85SV2SD 85SV2SD-PUNTA V2-85 ESC85SV2VX 85SV2VX-PUNTA V2-85 ESC65SV2ADHL 65SV2ADHL-PUNTA SV2-65 ESC65SV2AG 65SV2AG-PUNTA SV2-65 ESC65SV2PN-C 65SV2PN-C-PASADOR SV2-65 ESC65SV2PN-C-H 65SV2PN-C-H-PASADOR SV2-65 ESC65SV2RX 65SV2RX-PUNTA SV2-65 ESC65SV2SD 65SV2SD-PUNTA SV2-65 ESC65SV2SHV 65SV2SHV-PUNTA SV2-65 ESC65SV2TVP 65SV2TVP-PUNTA SV2-65 ESC65SV2VX 65SV2VX-PUNTA SV2-65 ESC70SV2ADHL 70SV2ADHL-PUNTA SV2-70 ESC70SV2AG 70SV2AG-PUNTA SV2-70 ESC70SV2PN-C 70SV2PN-C-PASADOR SV2-70 ESC70SV2RX 70SV2RX-PUNTA SV2-70 ESC70SV2SD 70SV2SD-PUNTA SV2-70 ESC70SV2VX 70SV2VX-PUNTA SV2-70 ESCV71ADB V71ADB-MINERIA ESCV71ADHL V71ADHL-MINERIA ESCV71AG V71AG-MINERIA ESCV71ARL V71ARL-MINERIA ESCV71CHD V71CHD-MINERIA ESCV71PN V71PN-PASADOR ESCV71RMHL V71RMHL-MINERIA ESCV71RMX V71RMX-MINERIA ESCV71RXL V71RXL-MINERIA ESCV71RXXL V71RXXL-MINERIA ESCV71RYL V71RYL-MINERIA ESCV71RYL-12H V71RYL-12H-MINERIA ESCV71SD V71SD-MINERIA ESCV71SDL V71SDL-MINERIA ESCV71SYL V71SYL-MINERIA ESCV71VX V71VX-MINERIA ESCV81CHD V81CHD-MINERIA ESCV81LR/KIT KIT REPARACION CHAVETA SUPER V ESCV81PN V81PN-PASADOR ESCV81RHL V81RHL-MINERIA ESCV81RMX V81RMX-MINERIA ESCV81RXL V81RXL-MINERIA ESCV81RXXL V81RXXL-MINERIA ESCV81RYL V81RYL-MINERIA ESCV81SD V81SD-MINERIA ESCV81SYL V81SYL-MINERIA ESCV81VX V81VX-MINERIA ESCTAC90X225-2L ESCTAC90X225-2R ESCTAC90X245-1A ESCTAC90X245-2LA ESCTAC90X245-2RA ESCTAC90X270-6L ESCTAC90X270-6R ESCTAC90X320-2 ESCTAC90X320-5 ESCTAC90X320-6L ESCTAC90X320-6R ESCTAC90X360-1 ESCTAC90X360-2L ESCTAC90X360-2R ESCTAC90X390-1L ESCTAC90X390-1R ESCTAC90X430-1L ESCTAC90X430-1R ESCTAP ESCTAPLB ESCTAW120X760-1 ESCTAW135-1 ESCTAW40X440-1A ESCTAW40X560-1 ESCTAW50X505-1A ESCTAW50X505-2 ESCTAW50X630-1A ESCTBB ESCTBC100X290-3 ESCTBC100X290-4L ESCTBC100X290-4R ESCTBC100X375-1L ESCTBC100X375-1R ESCTBC100X375-2 ESCTBC100X390-1A ESCTBC100X410-1B ESCTBC100X410-2LB ESCTBC100X410-2RB ESCTBC100X425-2L ESCTBC100X425-2R ESCTBC100X430-1 ESCTBC100X430-2L ESCTBC100X430-2R ESCTBC100X445-3 ESCTBC100X445-4L ESCTBC100X445-4R ESCTBC100X555-1 ESCTBC120X330-1A ESCTBC120X330-2LA ESCTBC120X330-2RA ESCTBC120X395-1 ESCTBC120X395-2L ESCTBC120X395-2R ESCTBC120X410-1 ESCTBC120X410-2L ESCTBC120X410-2R ESCTBC120X410-3L ESCTBC120X410-3R ESCTBC120X420-1 ESCTBC120X420-2L ESCTBC120X420-2R ESCTBC120X420-3 ESCTBC120X420-4L ESCTBC120X420-4R ESCTBC120X440-1B ESCTBC120X440-2LB ESCTBC120X440-2RB ESCTBC120X470-1A ESCTBC120X535-3 ESCTBC120X535-4L ESCTBC120X535-4R ESCTBC140X420-1A ESCTBC140X420-2LA ESCTBC140X420-2RA ESCTBC140X490-1B ESCTBC140X575-1LA ESCTBC140X575-1RA ESCTBC150X445-1 ESCTBC150X445-2L ESCTBC150X445-2R ESCTBC160X430-1 ESCTBC160X450-1 ESCTBC160X450-2L ESCTBC160X450-2R ESCTBC160X450-3 ESCTBC160X450-4L ESCTBC160X450-4R ESCTBC160X465-1 ESCTBC160X465-2L ESCTBC160X465-2R ESCTBC160X570-1L ESCTBC160X570-1R ESCTBC90X390-1A ESCTBP ESCTBPLA ESCTBW100X965-1 ESCTBW50X655-1 ESCTBW75X545-1A ESCTBW75X655-1 ESCTBW90X855-1A ESCKLR02MA ESCKLR02MB ESCKLR02MC ESCKLR11MB ESCKLR11MC ESCKLR12MB ESCKLR12MC ESCES-3777A ES-3777A-PROTECCION ESCES-3777SA ES-3777SA-PROTECCION ESCES3777SA LAT.CAZO ESCO ESCES4410SA ES4410SA-PROTECCION ESCES5280 LAT.CAZO ESCO ESCES6697-2 ES6697-2-PROTECCION ESCES6697-3 ES6697-3-PROTECCION ESCES6697-5 ES6697-5-PROTECCION ESCES6697-6 ES6697-6-PROTECCION ESCES6697-7 ES6697-7-PROTECCION Besides those bucket wear parts, A&S Machinery Co., Ltd. also provide other spare parts for those Hitachi mining excavators. Hitachi excavator wear parts: buckets, bucket tooth, cutting edge, wing shroud/side protector, lip shroud, corner wear shoe, wear bars, wear blocks, wear buttons, etc. Hitachi excavator hydraulic parts: hydraulic bucket cylinder, hydraulic boom cylinder, hydraulic arm cylinder, hydraulic lifting cylinder, hydraulic clamp cylinder, water radiator, oil radiator, oil cooler, muffler, etc. ... Bucket Tooth Available at A&S Machinery Co.,Ltd. CAT Excavator Bucket Tooth CAT Loader Bucket Tooth KOMATSU Excavator Bucket Tooth KOMATSU Loader Bucket Tooth HITACHI Excavator Bucket Tooth JCB Excavator Bucket Tooth & Side Cutters KOBELCO Excavator Bucket Tooth HYUNDAI Excavator Bucket Tooth TEREX Excavator Bucket Tooth VOLVO Excavator Bucket Tooth VOLVO Loader Bucket Tooth LIEBHERR Excavator Bucket Tooth BUCYRUS Electrical Shovel Bucket Tooth P&H Electrical Shovel Bucket Tooth DOOSAN Excavator Bucket Tooth DOOSAN/DAEWOO Excavator Bucket Tooth SANY Excavator Bucket Tooth SDLG Excavator Bucket Tooth SDLG Loader Bucket Tooth XUGONG Excavator Bucket Tooth LIUGONG Excavator Bucket Tooth CAT Bulldozer Ripper Tooth & Shanks KOMATSU Bulldozer Ripper Tooth & Shanks ESCO Bucket Tooth MTG Bucket Tooth Any interest or inquiry, please feel free to contact: A&S Machinery Co., Ltd. Tel: 0086 28 6115 2008 Fax: 0086 28 8612 9221 Skype: cdesmachinery Wechat: 0086 180 080 99865 asbucketsteeth(dot)com es-buckets(dot)com sparewearparts(dot)com 469 Xinsheng Road, Gaoxin District, Chengdu, China

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