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SELL: GPS multilingual commentary system #21268
Posted by: cindy
Address: 7th Floor,1st Offices Building,MinLe, ln
City: Shenzhen
State: Guangdong Province
Postal code: 518029
Country: China
Wireless Multilingual Tour Commentary
Wireless solution,no wire needed
Support 32 languages simultaneously
Tourist can choose their own languages
ba sed on GPS technology,audio play automatically,donot need manully operation safe for driver
Support upload and download data by USB disk
Support collect GPS coordinates by Google Earth,donot need to save coordiantes manually
Support unlimited tour project route,can share the route information with other devices
Wide input voltage(DC 10-30V)
2.4 G digital transfer,universal frequency, 150-200Meters
Support one channel wireless/wired micphone(Optional)
Tour guider can offer live commentary,thelive commentary can hear in Channel one or all channels(Optional)
Support power and signal indicate light,more easy for maintenance
2.4 G digital transfer,high audio quality as CD ,non-interference, 150-200Meters
Can charge the battery by using USB cable,can copy audio data by connect to PC
Inbuilt 8G TF card to save audio files
Support up to 32 languages,guests can choose languages by CH+/- key
Extra super battery,up to 30 hours working time
Volume can be adjust
Extra stronger earphone sockets,half millions life times

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