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SELL: Hot Selling Laser Welding Immersion Thermo Plate Waste Water Heat Exchanger #20568
Posted by: sehenstar
Address: C605,Xi’an Jiao Tong University Science Park,Xiangcheng District
City: Suzhou
State: Jiangsu
Postal code: 215000
Country: China

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SWS Waste water heat exchanger is a kind of multi circle plate heat exchanger applied to heat recovery of waste water and other fluid. It consists of multi concentric ring plates. Between the plates is the channel of waste water or other fluid containing impurities , inside plate is heat exchange fluid. The continuously rotating cleaning brush keeps cleaning plate surface to ensure the heat exchanger is running in high efficiency.
SWS waste water heat exchanger consists of heat exchange container. Its unique structure is benefit to the heat exhange of non-uniform fluid during fluid heat exchange process. It also makes the heat exchange temperature difference smaller. The pillow structure of plate surface not only increases the surface heat exchange effect, but also effectively prevents dirt accumulation. It is suitable dirty fluid heat exchange.

Features of SWS Waste water heat exchanger:
- Self cleaning: Cleaning speed could be adjusted according to need;
- High efficiency: The rotation of cleaning brush makes fluid to generate turbulence, which greatly increase the heat exchange efficiency;
- Detachable structure, easy to maintain and repair;
- Mutiple materials in various anticorrosive application;
- Tank size and plate quantity could be adjusted flexibly according to practical application;
- Unique pillow structure plate

Laser welding pillow plate:
Heat exchange pillow plate is machined by full automatic laser welding and forming process. Its unique pillow structure makes fluid into optimum turbulence state to achieve high efficient heat exchange. It also boasts various advantages such as dust proof, high temperature and high pressure resistance and easy cleaning, etc.

Pillow plate concept:
Pillow plate is laser welded by two plates all around and in the middle area full of weld flowers. After the forming process, the inner part of the heat transfer plate forms a pillow type cavity. Pillow design creates excellent turbulence and provides self supporting structure. In practical applications, the additional welding path is often added in the pillow heat exchange plate, in order to adjust and control the flow of fluid into and out of the heat exchange plate nozzle position, the fluid velocity and flow rate inside plate, so as to optimize the heat exchange effect.

Pillow plate Advantages:
1)Excellent turbulence design, high heat exchange coefficient
2)High welding realiability
3)Small external surface resistance, not easy to product dirt
4)High temperature and high pressure resistance
5)Wide channel, low pressure drop, easy to clean
6)Flexible shape to maintain optimal heat exchange effect

- Swimming pool waste heat recovery
- Waste water and sludge cooling and heat recovery
- Paper making and chemical process degassing application
- Chemical high viscosity fluid heat exchange application
- Other fluid containing more impurities heat exchange application

A paper making factory needs lots of water. In winter, the temperature of water from nearby river is only 5℃, which can’t reach water temperature requirement of working process. On the other side, this factory produces large amount of 55℃ waste water . The waste water can’t directly get into the sewage treatment pool because the high temperature will cause the death of sewage microorganism. So our heat exchanger uses waster water to heat inlet water and at the same time to cool the sewage water below 30℃. It is an effective energy saving solution.

SWS Waste water heat exchanger performance:
Heat output: 1MW
Waste water side flow rate: 65 m3/h
Waste water side pressure drop: 0.01 bar
Cold water side flow rate: 55 m3/h
Cold water side pressure drop: 0.40 bar

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