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SELL: RYMAX Woodfiber Acoustic Panel | Soundproof Board #18426
Posted by: gzrymax
Address: 21, JinXiang Decor Market, NanAn Rd.,
City: Guangzhou
Postal code: 510160
Country: China

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RYMAX Woodfiber Acoustic Panel | Soundproof Board

RYMAX Woodfiber Acoustic Panel is a kind of multi-functional decorative sound absorption material made by pure wooden fabric, no cement, nor any harmful components and organic volatile gases, itís completely fit the requirements of environment friendly and energy saving.

Elegant texture and unique taste can be shown on its filamentous texture surface, creativities and ideas of designers can be achieved. Though the density of RYMAX Woodfiber Acoustic Panel is about 1/2 of the traditional wooden board, itís strong as cement and meanwhile it carries the features of sound absorption, impact resistance, fireproof, waterproof, moisture proof, etc. Itís suitable for all decorations indoor and outdoor.

RYMAX Woodfiber Acoustic panel is a kind of multi-functional decorative sound absorption board combined the effects of acoustic and aesthetic, extraordinary space and unique decoration effects can be achieved.

* Free of Formaldehyde;
* Excellent Acoustic Properties;
* Lightweight and Safe;
* Strong impact resistance;
* Easy cutting, simple installation;
* Nice decorative effects;
* Outstanding fire resistant properties

Cinema, Theatre, Music hall, Studio, Hall, Hotel, Meeting room, Library, Lab, Night club, Gymnasium, Church, School, Kindergarten, Bowling building, workshop, and any other places with sound absorption or noise treatment requirements.

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