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SELL: Barcode Traceability Systems For Produce #17330
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Address: 15332 NE 9Th St
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Produce Traceability and PTI Labeling Software.

Increase Profits: Gather enormous amounts of real-time information to run your business.
Print Barcode Labels: Print PTI-compliant carton and pallet labels.
Manage Inventory: Track inventory from receiving to shipping.
Maintain Lot Traceability: All product lots are tracked, including through re-box and commingle functions.
Calculate Yields: Report yields by lot, by batch, by line, by day – use any parameter with a clean input/output.
Eliminate Charge-Backs: Record shipment details using accurate barcode scanning.
Stand-alone: SIMBA can work as a stand-alone system or can integrate with an ERP.

The SIMBA system by Dynamic Systems is one of the only automated data collection systems that can efficiently record the dynamic packing process for fresh food, including through commingling and re-boxing. SIMBA is not just Produce Traceability and PTI labeling software; the system also provides real-time information for the plant manager and business owner. The plant workers like how easy SIMBA is to use, plant managers appreciate the immediate information it provides them, and owners enjoy higher profitability through greater control of the business.

The components of a SIMBA system include automated data collection points that report product details and moves, and the reporting system that provides detailed information for management. SIMBA Office is the heart of SIMBA, where all data is consolidated and reported. The main data input for SIMBA happens through SIMBA Production, which can be on a touchcomputer directly connected to the Office system or on a mobile tablet. SIMBA Logistics records inventory moves, handles palletizing and records detailed shipping information.

SIMBA is an affordable system that can start small and grow with your business. Dynamic Systems’ engineers can help determine which version is right for your company.

SIMBA Basic: Is the entry-level solution that uses preprinted PTI-compliant barcode labels to collect product packing information. Learn more
SIMBA Professional: Records real-time production details as cartons are packed on the plant floor. Learn more
SIMBA Enterprise: Has the capability to track high-volume product from the field or vendor through production and shipping. Learn more

We are involved with the entire solution for our customers and assure that what we offer will work within their environment. With SIMBA, Dynamic Systems provides the hardware (touchscreen, mobile scanner, barcode printer) that is designed for the demanding environment of a packing plant and labels that are food-safe and work in wet or cold.

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