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Bar coding is a form of keyless data entry allowing for the automatic identification and collection of data. This is often referred to as Auto ID or AIDC (automatic identification and data collection).

History of Bar Coding
In 1974, the first the first bar coding was introduced to the retail world on a packet of Wrigley’s Gum. Thirty eight years later the number of applications for bar code technology has exploded, going far beyond grocery stores and retail. Read between the lines and you will see bar code technology popping up in new and unusual places such as hospitals, law firms, retail stores, security, and Department of Defense, corporate offices, libraries, and rental cars.

The Spread of Bar Coding
Bar coding and related technologies such as RFID have been used in manufacturing, distribution, shipping and receiving, and retail operations for more than 30 years. Today, bar code applications have spread throughout the enterprise and culture to include warehousing, accounting and customer service, time and attendance, package delivery, assembly line operations, cold storage and even consumer marketing.

The Benefits of Bar Coding
No matter the application, the reason companies implement bar coding is the same: to improve data management, increase security and accessibility and reduce operational costs. Innovative advancements and widespread adoption of technology beginning in the 1980′s through the current day has necessitated the need for improved data capture. Data warehousing, data mining and data analysis are bleeding edge, so much so that companies will spend billions and hire armies of BI professionals tasked with consolidating and collecting data. This is all with one goal, tapping into the wealth of information companies finally realized they were sitting on. This need for immediate and accurate reporting has compounded with the introduction of new inventory tracking practices, build-to-order manufacturing and supply chain management best practices.

Is it Time to Automate?
Manual data entry, repetitive tasks, spreadsheets and paper logs have been replaced by bar coding. If your company is a small to mid-sized business, this is almost more important because you have more work shouldered by fewer individuals. It’s time to raise your company’s standard of quality. Ensure enterprise-wide compliance, enable easy identification of product, track shipments and manage your supply chain and deliver more high quality products.

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