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SELL: 5 Food ERP Software Selection Tips #11527
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There is a plethora of information available online about how to properly select and implement an ERP system. From articles, to webinars presented by industry experts, to whitepapers and guides, the "how-to" world of ERP software selection is a detailed one. Why is it then, that so many companies still make the same mistakes when choosing an ERP solution?

One of the most likely reasons for regular ERP implementation failure is the fact that no two businesses are alike. And as a food and beverage business, you are no different. Thus, you canít simply copy the selection process of another company. This is more a presc ription for failure than it is for success.
When choosing an ERP system for your food and beverage company you must have a clear understanding of your specific requirements and needs as they relate to your business and only your business. To help set you on the right path, Iíve put together list of some of the most important factors to consider when selecting an ERP system for your food and beverage business.
 Buy Food Industry Specific
Buying an ERP system will invariably require future enhancements to the ba se product. Working with a vendor that is committed to the food industry will make it that much more likely that your system is designed for your industry Ė if it isnít, implementation will likely fail.

 Choose an Experienced Partner
Make sure the partner you choose has experience in the food industry and is sympathetic to your particular pains. You want to work with experienced consultants with a strong understanding of food ERP systems and who can advise you appropriately on what works in your industry.
 Demo the Software
You wouldnít buy a car without test driving it first. So why would you buy a piece of software without first trying it out? Make sure you have the vendor demo the software using your data so that you can evaluate its performance specifically for your needs.
 User Friendly Solution
Your employees should be able to learn how to use the application within a few days. If they canít, then you donít have a system that is intuitive enough. A system where the user is overwhelmed will almost always fail.
 Integrated Quality Management Capabilities
Not all industries have to worry about purchasing an ERP system with built in quality management functionality. The food industry, however, is a different story Ė one in which you must have integrated quality management capabilities and all the supporting components (Scheduling, Purchasing, Sales, etc.) tie into quality.

Although not an exhaustive list, hopefully this gives you a better understanding of some key factors to consider when going through an ERP software selection process. If you have any additional factors from your experience Iíd love to hear about them in the comments.

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