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SELL: Checkmate Barcode Software Saves Contractor 25% On Tool Costs. #11199
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Address: 18765 NE 90Th St
City: Redmond
State: Washington
Postal code: 98052
Country: United States

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Redmond, WA, December 12, 2012 – Dynamic Systems, a leader in Barcode Tracking Solutions, is pleased to announce Thrasher ba sement Systems has installed the Checkmate Tool & Equipment Manager to track tools and maintenance on their equipment.
About Dynamic Systems (DSI)
In business since 1981, Dynamic Systems is a major supplier of tracking systems that include: Tools & Equipment, Inventory Management, Job Tracking, Fixed Assets, Document/ File Tracking, ID Badge Systems, Maintenance Scheduling, Time and Attendance. Bar code data collection is proven to be the most accurate and efficient method of tracking and counting items.
Thrasher Uses Checkmate To Improve Operations:
Thrasher ba sement Systems is a 38-year-old contracting company that specializes in the
repair and remodeling of ba sements and foundations. Along with the increase in business came some of the typical growing pains, including the challenge of keeping track of their tools and equipment as they were issued to employees and jobs.

How Thrasher ba sement Benefited:
Dan Thrasher stated that they have reduced their tool expense by at least 25% since
Installing Checkmate Toolroom. Their job foremen are able to schedule specialty tools
so that they are available for projects, eliminating the duplicate purchase of these
expensive tools. Thrasher’s management especially likes the reports that identify how
much each employee is spending on tools. The system has significantly reduced employee waste and theft.

Checkmate Toolroom is designed to keep track of tools, equipment and consumables -
who has them, when they were checked out and when they are due back. A barcode is
scanned to identify the employee or job and another is scanned to identify the
equipment. The use of barcode for transactions has proven to be 60% faster than
manual check-out and virtually 100% accurate.

To learn more about The Checkmate Barcode Tracking Systems visit

Contact: Rob Freeman, V.P. Business Development
800-342-3999 X 208

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