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Welcome to the leading B2B Marketplace on the Web today from IndustrialSAVER, division of the Industrial Leaders Group. Whether you are a first time visitor, or even a regular user of the B2B Marketplace, this article will show you how to get the most use out of the site. We designed IndustrialSAVER, often referred to as I-SAVER to provide a 100% free alternative to other methods for advertising, sourcing and developing business opportunities with other companies. Finally, there is a website that helps you connect with REAL customers and/or suppliers without the high cost of pay-per-click, banner advertising, search engine optimization (SEO) or other expensive methods that are difficult to measure in terms of results. The B2B Marketplace allows you to interact directly with others involved in the manufacturing community looking to buy/sell industrial products and services.

B2B Marketing At Its Best

To get started using IndustrialSAVER, you'll first need to register your company if you have not already done so. You'll need a email address that you actually check so you can confirm your registration. Once completed, you'll be able to start posting ads right away. But before doing so, we want to give you a few words of advice. First of all, please realize I-SAVER was created to solve many online marketing problems faced by companies targeting the business-to-business community. That's why we call the site the ultimate B2B Marketing tool! As a user, you'll be able to promote your industrial products and services at no charge as well as source for all kinds of supplies, materials, machines, equipment and other goods for a wide range of industrial, commercial, construction and other applications. In addition, the site can be effectively utilized to network with potential customers, business partners, distributors, exporters & importers and others involved in your industry, directly or indirectly. Certainly IndustrialSAVER is not the only B2B Marketing resource you need. But it is by far the MOST effective... and we guarantee it! After all, it's free to use and we plan to keep it that way. Just look at the recent advertisements posted by users, and you'll see the many business opportunities posted every day!

Active Participants Get The Best Results

Experience has shown those that get the best results from I-SAVER are the ones that remain active on the site. In other words, if you are serious about connecting with real customers, then post ads that indicate the benefits and unique selling proposition of your company. People want to see offers that express a real benefit in the offer, whether it be a competitive price, free shipping, higher quality product, bulk discount or some other benefit. Remember, keep in mind people come to I-SAVER mainly to interact with others looking to buy/sell all kinds of goods and services for their manufacturing facility, construction site, machine shop, foundry, processing plant or other type of establishment. Therefore, give them what they really want... an opportunity to do business with someone they can trust

Improve Your Supply Chain

Although the majority of people use the B2B Marketplace mainly to promote their goods and services, it's important to know the site is also a highly powerful tool to improve your supply chain. There are thousands of potential suppliers using IndustrialSAVER every day and many of them can help you save money on all kinds of equipment, machinery, materials, supplies and other goods used by your company. The B2B Marketplace makes it very easy for you interact with these potential suppliers by simply clicking their contact link. Your message is instantly delivered to the vendor via email. In addition, you can also post a request for quote (RFQ) on the site to enable suppliers to bid for whatever product or service you are sourcing. This is a highly efficient way for you to ensure you can the best possible deal for virtually anything you need to purchase for your company. I-SAVER enables you to privately compare proposals and quotations from vendors without the need of being hassled by salesman.